Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus (or onychomycosis) is a chronic fungal infection affecting the toenails and fingernails of approximately one in ten Canadian adults. Symptoms include discoloration (yellow, white, green or speckled), thickening of the nail and/or debris under the nail.


As the infection worsens, the toenails may become more brittle and break off, or the nail may completely detach from the nail bed. If left untreated, toenail fungus grows deeper into the nail bed, possibly causing the skin to become inflamed and painful. At its worst, sufferers will have a hard time wearing certain shoes and trying to beat the infection.


Toenail Fungus Treatment

Either due to embarrassment or the hope to cure their fungus with over-the-counter treatments, only about 20% of patients with toenail or nail fungus will seek professional care from a physician. Until recently, these toenail fungus treatments only consisted of topical creams or oral medications. Traditionally, topical creams are very slow to work, must be used for prolonged periods and are not always successful at treating nail fungus deeper in the nail bed. Oral antifungal medications have been more successful than topical creams, but have been shown to have adverse side effects.

At Guelph Laser, we use a laser toenail fungus treatment with the Laser Genesis. Laser fungus treatment is quick, painless and has no side effects. Results from Laser Genesis, which has a fungus clearance success rate of over 85%, may be seen in as little as one treatment

If you think you might have toenail fungus or are tired of hiding your feet, please contact us to book your complimentary consultation today!


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