Thin Eyelashes


For individuals who have naturally sparse or thin eyelashes, enhancing or adding fullness to their lashes can be a challenge. While eyelash curlers, various formulations of mascara, and false eyelashes can help augment lackluster lashes, these solutions are temporary, time-consuming, and can lead to an appearance that looks unnatural.

At Guelph Medical Laser and Skin Centre in Guelph, Ontario, we offer Latisse® to help improve the length, color, and fullness of your natural eyelashes. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our medical team and find out how we can help enhance your lashes.


What Causes Thin Eyelashes?

While some people are born with full, voluminous eyelashes, others do not have this quality. It is also natural for lashes to thin as a result of the natural aging process or hormonal changes in the body. Having thin eyelashes is not a medical concern, but many patients find that having longer, fuller, darker lashes helps to naturally enhance their facial features and bring more emphasis to their eyes.


How are Thin Eyelashes Treated?

The average growth cycle of eyelashes is six to eight weeks, and while the growth process cannot be effectively expedited, there are now multiple treatments on the market to help your natural lashes grow with improved length, volume and color. At Guelph Medical Laser and Skin Centre, we recommend Latisse® for natural eyelash enhancement.


What is Latisse®?


A natural solution to eyelash extension, Latisse® is available through a prescription and done at home. This quick, easy treatment should be done nightly in order to achieve the best results, and should be continued throughout the recommended time period in order to achieve desired length, color and volume.

Although Latisse® is a fast, easy treatment to fit into a nightly routine and is clinically proven to be safe for most patients, instructions should be followed properly in order to reduce the risk of adverse effects or unwanted hair growth. It is also important to keep in mind that once treatment with Latisse® is stopped, the eyelashes will eventually go back to their original length and volume.

During your consultation, our medical team will assess several factors to determine if you are a good candidate for Latisse®. We will then provide you with specific instructions to ensure proper, safe treatment.

Contact Guelph Medical Laser and Skin Centre today to schedule a consultation and find out if Latisse® can help fill out your thin or sparse eyelashes.


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