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Thin Eyelashes

For individuals who have naturally sparse or thin eyelashes, enhancing or adding fullness to their lashes can be a challenge. While eyelash curlers, various formulations of mascara, and false eyelashes can help augment lackluster lashes, these solutions are temporary, time-consuming, and can lead to an appearance that looks unnatural.

At Guelph Medical Laser and Skin Centre, we offer Latisse® to help improve the length, color, and fullness of your natural eyelashes.

At Guelph Laser, we recognize the unique needs of every patient by offering customized options with the following steps:

A Comprehensive Assessment

An initial consultation with a medical aesthetician to understand the patient’s concerns and goals followed by an in-depth assessment of the scarring. 

An Individualized Treatment Plan
Everyone’s skin is unique and should be treated that way. With this, the medical aesthetician will offer a personalized treatment plan and explanation of the recommended treatments. At this point, the patient will have the opportunity to ask questions or address concerns. 

Should the patient wish to proceed, Latisse® will be prescribled. We will then provide them with specific instructions to ensure proper, safe treatment.

Treatments for Your Thin Eyelashes may Include:

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