Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for the condition referred to as excessive sweating. The most common examples are sweaty hands, underarms and feet.

This condition is caused by over-stimulation of the nervous system which triggers the endocrine glands (sweat glands) to produce more sweat than necessary to cool the body.

If you or someone you know suffers from hyperhidrosis, then you are already aware of the considerable emotional and social stigma attached to excessive sweating. It can ultimately lead to a loss of confidence and harm self-esteem.

Fortunately, there is a treatment for hyperhidrosis. Botox Therapeutic is used to temporarily block the signals that stimulate the sweat glands, only in the treated area. You should notice a significant reduction in excessive sweating within 2 weeks of the treatment lasting an average of 7 months.

At Guelph Laser, we recognize the unique needs of every patient by offering customized options with the following steps:

A Comprehensive Assessment

An initial consultation with a medical aesthetician to understand the patient’s concerns and goals.  

The provider will ask specific questions to determine the patient's placement on the Hyperidrosis Severity Scale (HDSS).  

An Individualized Treatment Plan
If the patient is a candidate for Hyperhidrosis treatment and wishes to proceed, the medical aesthetician will then administer Botox Therapeutic to the areas of concern.   

Treatments for Hyperhidrosis may Include:

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