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Belly Fat/Love Handles/Unwanted Treatable Fat

Sometimes, regardless of a consistent exercise routine or healthy eating habits, it is difficult to lose weight in those stubborn areas like the belly, lower back, and thighs.

This unwanted weight gain, or inability to lose weight, is often due to aging and a general slowing of the metabolism. After the age of 30, the metabolism slows down making it more difficult to get rid of fat.

If you have been living a healthier lifestyle and can’t figure out how to lose the fat that resists diet and exercise, you may be a candidate for our CoolSculpting treatment.

At Guelph Laser, we recognize the unique needs of every patient by offering customized options with the following steps:

A Comprehensive Assessment

An initial consultation with a medical aesthetician to understand the patient’s concerns and goals followed by an in-depth assessment of the problem area(s). 

An Individualized Treatment Plan
Everyone’s body is unique and should be treated that way. With this, the medical aesthetician will offer a personalized treatment plan and explanation of the recommended treatments. At this point, the patient will have the opportunity to ask questions or address concerns. 

Should the patient wish to proceed, the treatment(s) will be booked. The patient will then return for the scheduled appointment and begin their journey towards more contoured curves! 

Treatments for Your Belly Fat/Love Handles/Unwanted Treatable Fat may Include:

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