Aging Skin


Although wrinkles, fine lines and folds are most commonly associated with the aging process, there are many more changes that can take place in the skin as women get older. At Guelph Medical Laser and Skin Centre, we understand the skincare needs of aging women and offer several technologies and treatments to help restore vitality and youth to your skin.

Guelph Medical Laser and Skin Centre is located in Guelph, Ontario. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our medical team and have your aging skin evaluated by our medical team of skincare experts.


What Causes Aging Skin?

In addition to visible wrinkles and lines, the skin can also develop dark spots, redness, loss of shape and volume, dull skin tone, unwanted hair and more. Just as no two skin conditions are like, these conditions can be caused by a combination of internal and external factors.


External Factors that Can Cause Aging Skin

A combination of environmental elements and individual traits can all play vital roles in the aging process of the skin:

  • Sun damage – Prolonged exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun can change the texture of the skin and cause brown spots and other skin discoloration to develop.
  • Facial expressions – Over time, repeated facial expressions such as smiling and laughing can cause the onset of crow’s feet, smile lines and other visible signs of aging around the eyes, nose, mouth and forehead.
  • Lifestyle – Substance abuse, smoking, poor diet, fatigue and stress have all been proven to prematurely age the skin.


Internal Factors that Can Cause Aging Skin

  • Loss of fat, muscle and bone – All of these are lost as the body ages, causing the skin to lose its natural shape and contours.
  • Loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid – Responsible for strength and volume of the skin, respectively, the decreased production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in aging skin can create sagging, lax skin in and around the face.
  • Hormonal changes – A change in the amount of hormones your body produces can cause unwanted body hair
  • Dilated blood vessels – Blood vessels that become weak or dilated are more apt to rupture, causing facial redness.

How is Aging Skin Treated?

Depending on your individual skin type, condition and the severity of your cosmetic concerns, we offer a wide range of treatments at Guelph Medical Laser and Skin Centre. From customized HydraFacial® treatments and IPL photorejuvenation to Fraxel® laser resurfacing and dermal fillers, we have a safe and effective treatment for every combination of aging and damaged skin.

During your initial visit, our medical team will help you determine which skin rejuvenation treatment is best for your individual condition and cosmetic goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how to improve the feel and appearance of your aging skin.


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