Meet the Guelph Laser Staff

Each staff member at Guelph Laser has been chosen to meet a very high standard of patient care. Not only must they be friendly  and approachable, but also highly trained laser technicians and skin care, professionals. Despite any previous experience they may have, our laser technicians must complete extensive training, education and testing before assisting with any procedures at Guelph Laser.


The Guelph Laser Family

We’re proud that the Guelph Laser staff works like a family – each person works as part of a cohesive whole, helping our laser centre run smoothly and creating a warm, comfortable atmosphere for patients. From the moment you reach us by phone or walk through our doors, we hope that you feel welcomed into our home.


Understanding Your Needs

Our staff of laser technicians and skin care professionals will listen carefully to your concerns in order to understand your expectations and needs. Our staff will take the time to sit down with you and explain all of your options so as to provide the best possible outcome. If you have any uncertainty as to which course of treatment to pursue, we’re there to help. We’ll make every effort to answer all your questions, candidly drawing from our own experiences and results with each of the treatments. We’re here to support and help you achieve your skin care goals.


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